Our History

For over 55 years Suburban Estates has been quietly going about our business, acquiring premium-position land and developing some of the most sought after, prestigious and successful residential subdivisions in New Zealand.

Our company has built a strong reputation for innovation, integrity and quality across a broad client base – from the private sector to building contractors and both city and district councils.

To date Suburban Estates has stamped its hallmark on over 70 individual developments. All of which reflect the importance we place on transforming bare tracts of land into visually appealing, practical and fully-serviced residential communities that have been designed to stand the test of time.

Our vast experience enables us to not only recognise current trends, but also to predict them and seize valuable opportunities by being proactive.  Within that, four basic principles hold the key to our success – the right location, design innovation, a commitment to quality and proven experience.  Without exception these are the foundations upon which all Suburban Estates developments are built.

Suburban Estates was the first development company in Christchurch to raise sections above street level and place side-walks on one side of the road with rolling lawns opposite.  This landscape concept has also been further enhanced by introducing wide access roads, cobbled and paved adjacent walkways, street side plantings of mature specimen trees, stylish yet practical street lighting, communal reserves and parks, water features and so much more.  And because we strive to make each new community unique with a distinctively different look and ambience, we are always mindful of our responsibilities in preserving the environment and ensuring that all construction is in harmony with natural land features and locale.