General Info

Geotech Report - The purchaser will be supplied a site specific Geotech report, this will be supplied to the purchaser at no cost with the Sales & Purchase Agreement or, if the earthworks are not complete, as soon as it is available. This land is anticipated TC1 equivalent.                     

Site Specific Geotech - Example


Titles - Stage 4  - Titles issued December 2019


Approved Title plan - DP 543268


Prices - Price shown are subject to change, but will not change when under contract.  Sale Plan sizes shown do not include right of way (ROW) areas.


Low Pressure Sewer System - Be aware this section must have a low pressure Selwyn District Council approved sewer system, this will be at the purchasers cost, including installation and running costs with the exception of Lots 1 & 2 where no pump will be required.

Low Pressure Sewer System Purchaser Information

Overview of E/One Grinder Pump System


Soak Pits - Please be aware that the Selwyn District Council have a soak pit requirement that must be adhered to for stormwater disposal.


Fibre - Sterling Park is a fibre ready subdivision, any new homes should be installed with telecommunications cabling that complies with the Telecommunications Carrier’s Forum’s Premises Wiring Code.  Information about this code and wiring requirements is available on the website www.chorus.co.nz/wiring.


Gates - Each section with a boundary along Springs Road has a pedestrian gate incorporated in the 1.2m see through panel part of the fence. (see plan in consent). Pedestrian access only is allowed off Springs Road, refer to consent.


Fencing/Building Regulations - The Vendor will have all boundary fences erected (excluding road frontages and ROW access boundaries) at a discounted price.  The cost to the Purchaser is a set price of $2,500.00 plus GST per section, any section with only 2 fenced boundaries will be at a cost of $2,000.00 plus GST.  The cost of fencing will be paid by the Purchaser upon settlement.

  • Please be aware the Selwyn District Council’s Resource Consent includes fencing setbacks and restricts the height of front facade fences. 
  • Any approval of Suburban Estates is not a waiver of building code requirements, Council by-laws, district plans or land covenants.
  • The Selwyn District Council are not required to contribute to any boundary fence adjoining a reserve area.


Dwelling Approval - Plans can be emailed to tracy@suburbanestates.co.nz for approval.  Lot and DP numbers MUST be on the plans. 

It is the vendors obligation to keep the original dwelling approval on file.  Any request for a re issue of a dwelling approval will incur an administration cost. 


Private right-of-way - Where a property is served by a private right-of-way, the property owner (in conjunction with neighbouring owners who share use of the right-of-way) shall have the responsibility for the maintenance of that right-of-way.


Health and Safety - The Purchaser acknowledges that if possession is taken prior to settlement, the Purchaser is solely responsible for all health and safety aspects, procedures and liabilities.


Should you require any clarification please do not hesitate to contact our office.